The main problem we all have as writers is, writing!  Finding the time is a problem.  Finding the inspiration is a problem.  Believing in ourselves is a problem.  Believing we have something worthwhile to say, is a problem.

But all of those “problems” are created by us out of our feelings of inadequacy and a lack of belief in ourselves.  We have trouble believing that what we have to say is, worth saying.  I say, “Get over yourselves!”  And write!  Everyone has unique experiences.  Everyone sees things, feels things, processes things in their own unique way.  So, what you have to say, only you can say.  And believe it or not, what only you can say, may be the very words that touch someone else deeply, give them, a chance to feel as if they are understood, connected.


Poetry is     after all

just words     one following the other

like birds flying in formation

words that speak of sadness    love

desire and elation      words that bend

or break or bow beneath

the poets will       words that heal

that hold   that lift us up   words

that thrill us till we shiver

with delight     words that give us something

to hold onto     in the darkest corner

of the darkest night     poetry my friends

is a gift that’s given twice    once when it is

written and once when it is read

poetry is     to the heart-starved man

the water and the bread    so if you have

it in you     let go   let the beauty

of words flow

let words become the poem that speaks

what someone needs to know      let poetry

define the lines connecting us as one

put one word after the other         until

the poem is done.

  • Susan A. Katz, all rights reserved

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