Imagine you are on a desert island.  White sandy beaches are gently stroked by clear blue waters.  The sky above is cloudless, and the sun is beating down, bright, and bold.  You hear the call of sea birds and smell the rich scent of ocean and earth.  You taste the salty sea air as it fingers your skin. You are filled to overflowing with sensations, emotions, and the need to release them.  You are alone…

This is the way a poet feels as emotions, real or imagined, begin to build inside them, bursting into a deafening crescendo.  There is a need to find a way to articulate them, to translate them into words.  And that is exactly how poetry happens.  It doesn’t start out as words – it starts out as feelings and, it is your job as the poet, to translate those feelings, through imagery, into the poem – making us feel what you feel, know what you know and, for just a moment, be who you are.

Imagine yourself alone, experiencing something too powerful to be imprisoned inside of you and then, using words crafted into images tell us what you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.  Let us in to your thoughts, your feelings and become a part of your experience and, make sure we are as emotionally charged by your experience as you are.

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