LESSON EIGHT – The Colors of My World

One of the ways to find the poem that may be hiding inside, is to give yourself a task, set a goal for what you want the poem to accomplish.  When conducting workshops, I often give the group a “prompt” that will, I believe, offer them a direction.  It’s extremely helpful when one is struggling to put feelings and ideas into words, to provide a path to follow.

In this case, the path would be to define, explore, illuminate, experience, project, create your world through the grace of poetry, using all of the poetic tools: the five senses plus emotions -imagery – metaphor and simile, line break, enjambment, hyperbole, alliteration and finally, personalize it so that it says something about you.

The title of the poem you will be writing is:  THE COLORS OF MY WORLD

Example Poem


I look for blue skies   blue

as berries bursting in the summer

sun on tangled bushes    I remember

the earthy smell of those blue summers

grandma’s jam bubbling on the stove

smoke rising in puffs of steam   pungent

and promising   below the hill    the stream

rushing along over rocks    talking to itself

in a voice filled with laughter    

echoing in my head as I drifted off to sleep

and dreams as sweet as sticky kisses

the taste of jam still

soft on my tongue


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