Beyond imagination
deep beneath a ground
broken by storms that raged
wind that blew ice
that filled the crevices and broke
the branches from the trees the soil

remembers leaves remembers roots
that lie lifeless tentative and yet
waiting like morning waits
to greet the rising of the sun like
moonlight waits for stars to fill the sky
to spill its liquid light along
the sleeping ground at last
winter grows

weary slowly slinks away and spring
like smiles on children’s faces replaces frost
with dew and gone those long-lost months
when nothing grew shoots delicate as mist break
through the soil bent and broken branches
are renewed with buds that bulge then
burst into the onslaught of summer color
scent and secrets
kept are swept like laughter by the wind
around the yard my summer
garden glorious and new
bursts into bloom when winter
comes again I will hold as sacred
in my heart
its bright and nourishing perfume. – Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved)

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