I am not that image in the glass

where time has tamed my skin to ash

where wrinkles trace with graceless ease

the ravages of time’s disease

dull my eyes and gray my hair

a look of desperation there

where once I smiled and laughed out aloud

reaching above beyond the clouds

holding joy in my outstretched hands

dreaming my dreams planning my plans

but then as now I find my place

I know my name and easily trace

the path I’ve travelled the life I’ve led

the love I’ve known the tears I’ve shed

through the poems that lurk inside my head

releasing me from the bonds of dread

giving me wings so I can fly

giving me hope so I can try

speaking my truth when I am mute

resolving each of my heart’s disputes

promising me that I will prevail

teaching me how to set my sail

by winds that blow both hard and true

confirming what I always knew

my heart is charged by poetry

I am the poem the poem is me – Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved)

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