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Enthralling beauty of the waves kept my eyes mesmerized
Smell of roses was enough to make me realise it still wasn't heaven
The dead pieces of shells pricked me
The noisy beach seamed noiseless
Lost in my own thoughts
It wasn't the right time I realised someone was at their top notch of voice
It was a line to address 15

Address 15 nothing much special
But a bunch of memories
Diaries full of talks
Nights spent under the sky
Moments that turned into memories
But still make me feel everything again

Collecting my bits and pieces it was the time to move ahead
To address 15
Wasn't easy to leave back the beauty of waves
It was my final good bye to waves
It was my last visit to address 15
Collecting my cherished moments
I decided not to be back again

Parting away from a person is easy
But their memories still make us a different person
Heading to address 15 wasn't as easy as I thought
Those flowers still bloomed
Lilies gazing like they used to
Smiling toddlers could make me smile too
The chit chats that never ended on the way
Chocolate ice cream still is a best seller

And finally to address 15
Still with our names engraved
Still with a stupid painting hanging at the entrance

Still echoed with our smiles
Our voices still reverbed in the room
But then it was no more a thing to be happy about

I walked away from the doorstep without any noise
It was my terminal goodbye to the lilies I cherised
Gardens that made me happy
The vines that created a charismatic aura
And a pleasing sunset that could make your day
This is how address 15 though not that special but invaluable
A bouquet of priceless memories 

Not a poem but emotions penned down ..