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HE ! – by Yukti Ukani

He has fears ,
He makes them wings !

With the soft sides ;
He loves miniature things .
The way he smiles is the best parts of he
He knew to perform
Each day he lived .

He stares wth perspectives .[The more day he shines ,
the more he drives ]Sometimes an offensive
He holds his affections tight .

He's never a fancy ; rather he styles
Is he right over kind ,
Maybe he is twilight over wine !

He gathers courage .
He gives birth to dreams .
He gets to cry & comes up wth a prolonged fly .
He builds what he feels & helps who need .
He is fierce but its hidden inside .
He seeks it out for a misdeed .
He is grown up .

Now known as someone's HIS !
Journey shares within both
Empty voids of HIS heart
She fills it all ,

{They adjusted often
wth the manual fights }
Everything sorted with the core lights .
He becoming HIS .[With motives , he achieves
He attempted , he failed]Along wth brave heart
Never she complained .

Alwys he need ,
She never fails to believe .
That's ever he wished for ;
He is a gentleman ; wth dignity more !