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Love's Satiety hath grew!

Love's Satiety hath grew!

To me, O lady, thou owe a queer emotion,

Which binds me to thou, in pain and pleasure;

Which enbosom's thou greatness, in beauty & in minds,

For thou smile is the dawn, whom the darkness doth finds.

Beyond horizons of death, we shall raise a cottage,

& fashion those walls, with erotic paintings long lost;

Where scorpions won’t poison our pious tale of passion,

So no regret shall thrive, in heart’s small cushion.

Nought keep me patient, before li'l left days,

Of union, till then all nights fail slumber;

Shades of benevolence, have bloomed in mine bower,

Tis’ awaiting thou regard, for an eternal hour.

My lungs now taste thou neck's wondrous scent,

Which secretly thou behold, in the crevices of soul;

Lavish art those eyes, O painted in hyacinth blue-

Which engrosses in world’s wonders, & world's charmed in you…

Forbids what then thou, to glow beyond gloom,

Let despondence cease, in intimacy of thoughts;

Amour to the world, is this what concerns thou?

Then hear, O beloved,” In us love’s satiety hath grew”.