Poet Lady Katz (new forum post): WILTING LEAVES OF SUMMER

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Life a four letter word with 


Hidden four billion years of meaning 


Starts being dependent 


And ends being trying to be independent 


It's about trying to meet your needs 


And ending up being unsatisfied with the penny for your deeds 




Its about finding triumphs in your defeat 


Knowing if there is sunset then other day would start with a sunrise 


Knowing if leaves can wilt in summer then they can rejuvenate on watering 


If its about death then its inevitable 


Its more about finding meaning of your existence 




Life is a game that never ends with triumph or defeat 


Its about the lessons you've learned from your mistakes 


Its about finding happiness in those moments of sadness 


It never ends in grave and starts when you're born 


It ends when you stop living and starts when you realise your inner potential 




Summer tries to devitalise and you try to bounce back with greater energy 


Why do we need to stop trying ? 


Life never asks for subjugation 


In the end its all about living it fully 


Despite destruction we opt to dream 


Dreaming that never ends with night passed 




Earth asking you to be creative 


Is the most pleasing gift 


A teacher that teaches without speaking a word 


Is the finest creation of time 


Life gives you a chance 


Take it , live it , but never give up 


We have a lot more potential then they tell us 


A brighter future then we dream 


Just we need is a try that never ends with failure gets even stronger with a failure