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<p>Love this!  Concise and precise and says exactly what you want it to say and it does so, by creating two exciting images.  Well done!  If I were you and this were my poem, I would take out the commas and just let the poem flow – perhaps, leaving spaces ( 3 – 5)  where you now have commas.  The reason I suggest this is because the poem is so short – the images – one following the other – both powerful and I do feel the commas are like "stop signs" slowing us down from taking it all in a single, powerful "gulp."  Either way – commas or no commas, I will be featuring your poem on a future Instagram page post.  Thank you so very much for sharing,  Susan</p>


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<p>We could crash into the ocean, </p>
<p>and still, end up in flames.</p>