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<p>I thank you for submitting this very emotional poem with some very fine poetic moments.  It is unfortunately, too long for my current request for two to four line, un-rhymed poems using imagery, but you do definitely have a feel and talent for poetry, so please do keep on writing.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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Eternal sunshine of spotless mind

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<p>Insipid mornings and reckless nights<br />Like sky without kites<br />With you gone , with you lost<br />I mourn me , i hate me most<br />Eternal sunshine is fading<br />My truths and lies are mending<br />And even sky is losing its blue<br />We were here together like misty hue <br />You so close , but so apart<br />I so fast , but so late</p>
<p>Its better i let us demolish <br />As you demolished us<br />From every bit of your memory<br />Let me too erase you<br />I know if you can , i can too</p>
<p>Its like I'm forgetting me<br />And gasping for ours to stay<br />Playing every card<br />From honesty to seduction<br />Trying so hard <br />Trying so long<br />Just for little bit<br />Just for little while</p>
<p>I tried till last ounce <br />But they never stopped<br />I wanna blame them <br />But you and me are at fault <br />We are one storm caught</p>
<p>But we will meet again <br />Because our brain is wrecked<br />But our heart is joined<br />With the string of love</p>
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