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<p>Thank you for sharing your poem with me.  I very much like "there's no rose without a thorn" – it gives us something meaningful in the way of an image that we can relate to.  There are a number of grammatical missteps but, a bit of editing could correct that.  I will admit there are some lines I simply don't understand and that may simply be a translation issue.  In any event, you have definitely captured a mood in your poem and that's a big part of what poetry is all about.  – Susan</p>


Original Post by Arina Asgar


<p>An unadorned gal having nae daydream of own,<br />Fam said sound to this or that vocation;<br />To them never she said nae;<br />For all their bidding she give a nod.</p>
<p>She relish the versatility in her pen;<br />But there's no rose without a thorn.<br />The world are green with envy to her fate;<br />To which her kindness is the bold riposte.</p>
<p>She nab the masses owning hate;<br />Then inaugurate the hidden snakes.<br />While quashing stones on the struggle bus;<br />Gold of her life hugged the Gal.</p>
<p>                        by Arina Asgar</p>
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