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<p>I congratulate you on a very emotional poem that has some wonderful moments in it. </p>
<p>"The pen writes words,<br />And the paper attends scenes."</p>
<p>"The quill bleeds each day…"</p>
<p>"And read the feelings,<br />From those metaphoric signs."</p>
<p>If I were to critique your poem, what I would say is – you tell us too much and show us too little.  You have a fine sense of imagery and a strong commitment to the emotional message of the poem.  As my first mentor used to tell me, choose the very best moments in your poem, the best images – and bring the whole poem up to that level.  I would also say that there is much that is said and then re-said – not the job of poetry to repeat itself.  Just tell us once, with an image we will never forget – and then move on to the next component of your poem.  I think you will discover you have some great poetry waiting inside of you, to be written.  Thank you so much for sharing – keep on writing and do share with me again, when you are ready.  Your friend in poetry, Susan</p>


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Why I write poetry?

<p>I write a lot,<br />And try to convey<br />Those emotions in words<br />Which I may never say.</p>
<p>It just takes that poetic eye,<br />And a poetic soul, and a poetic mind<br />To decipher and unscramble those lines,<br />And read the feelings,<br />From those metaphoric signs.</p>
<p>The quill bleeds each day,<br />"The day was nothing but same,<br />The day wasted, maybe I am to blame…<br />What is to be done now?- the question which arises.<br />Am I, distancing myself, from those lovely prizes?"</p>
<p>The pen writes words,<br />And the paper attends scenes.<br />Those petty life segments,<br />Which I narrate with peace.</p>
<p>It never tells me what to do,<br />And maybe that is what I want<br />It couldn't tell me where I went wrong,<br />Maybe that is what I sought.</p>
<p>Want to vent it all out,<br />Want to escape the world<br />N' confide into those bindings,<br />Of those clueless papers.</p>
<p>It's not that I am lonely,<br />Or have no one to confide,<br />But those emotions of my spirit,<br />No human can suffice.</p>