an angel and her embroidery

My grandma always sang me to sleep

Riya Jaiswal

    there lived an angel in the cerulean sky

     wove sapphire yarns embroidered with

     lilac, pink and crimson fleece

     people called it sunset

     sometimes she blotted them grey

     her tears kissed the earth

     leaving behind her scent and bow

     people called it rain

     every dawn, birds twittered her a visit

     rooster hailed cock-a-doodle-doo

     so merrily she embroidered them golden

     breathed tender breeze swaying trees

     people called it sunrise

one night my grandma sang herself to sleep

her woven neverland forever lost

until I became a grandma and sang

       there lived an angel in the cerulean sky

       embroidered with silver and multitudes

       of orbs tucked in constellations

       people called it night sky…

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