wild and wayward

wilt like flowers in the frost or whip

around inside my head

like wind    like flame

they scream    they whisper

in a voice that I don’t know

they call my name


they blend    they bleed    they break

like waves against a wall of stone

retreat     expand and swell

aiming     for the sky

and then    sucked back

into the sea   defiantly

they die


words tease me     tempt

torment me    like a swarm

of angry bees    and words

like lover’s fingers on my skin

    seem desperately

to want to please


words are wily   words are warriors

words are restless and at ease

words catapult me

into space lifting me

beyond the stars           ordaining

  that I end up on my knees


words keep me sane

chronicle my pain

instruct my brain

to reach beyond

what is to what might be



when melancholia

heaves me into soundless

rooms too dark to see and locks

the door        and throws away

the key       only words

can set me free


– Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved)

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