Festival of Colors!

It is the happiness,

That sprouts in the color of pink,

It is the cheerfulness,

That glows in the color of yellow,

It is the non-belief,

Dashing like some unstoppable race!

Gazing at the burning fire,

     Which warms the heart instantly

     With optimism to recreate memories

     Once again lights a sorrowful heart,

     In the color of pink,

     After being drenched in the rain of


     It all depends on our heart,

     The hope to commence something,

     Or the darkness to destroy everything,

     In a blink of an eye,

     Making an astonishing difference,

     In the colors of life!

     Let your smile be your identity,

     Which blooms in the color of pink,

     Or in the color of yellow,

     In the Hearts and minds of many


     Finally, the true festival of colors,

  Are the colors that our hearts

       portray – one or the other!

      – Swetha.

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