The lesson this week is really a very simple one.  I would ask you to look deep inside yourself and connect with an emotion you are feeling intensely.  Connect with that emotion.  Is it a happy or sad, nostalgic, or hopeful, angry, or loving emotion?  Latch on to that it and come up with a single word that best defines it (example: anger/thunder – sadness/raindrops – love/sunrise.}

Now, using your five senses: feel, taste, touch, smell, and hear, create images that create your feeling in the form of poetry.  You can create as many images, for each of the senses as you like, and then, when you feel you have captured the feeling through sensory imagery, let us know the emotional image that your feeling inspires in you.  “Sadness leaves my heart empty as a night sky without stars”



Beyond the clouds

I know there is the light

of sun     I see it shining

in my head     but sour is

the taste    of tears and loud

the echoing of years    I fear

the bitter scent     wafting decay

and seek to find a way to feel the

velvet softness    of delight    before

despair takes me in

to endless night


you’ve smashed my heart beneath

your faithless heel

and sadness is the only

thing my heart


how to feel   – SAK (All rights reserved)

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