I write poetry because…

  I breathe     I think     I feel

I know     I go through days

with only words to comfort me

and in the affirmation of the poem

I discover who I’m meant to be


     I write poetry because

words tumble into truths I never knew

I knew      and lies are left

to wither on the vine    as words

compose themselves upon the page

I find my way      through yet

another day…


     I write poetry because

I see humanity

deprived   degraded    writhing

in unending pain      as greed

and evil violate the weak

dismiss the need    imperious and vain

stain the fabric of our world    I watch

the planet shriveling like roses

in an autumn frost     and I have only words

to give     to quantify the cost 


     I write poetry because  

 I live my pain upon the page

my fear    my truth   through all the years

of trepidation that defined

my youth and now invades

like angry bees     days that stand

on the fast-approaching brink

of my eternity


     I write poetry because

there is a kind of comfort    quiet calm

in crafting words

that rhyme    that sing     words

that bring a gentle solace to the mind   words

like warriors to vanquish all the pain

words like lovers stoking long dead embers

of desire into flame


     I write poetry because

it names me   speaks me telling

me and others

that I’ve lived    I’ve cared

I’ve tried and maybe failed     but certainly

I dared     more than I thought I could

words are always there    prayerlike

they whisper to me in the night     and welcome

me to morning


     …when I am gone to dust

am less than just a whisper on the wind     when every

memory of me has faded like the day must fade

to night       the words I leave behind may offer

just the faintest hint of light       and so

    I write…                 – Susan A. Katz (11/18/2022 all rights reserved)

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