To and for all those I love  –  you know who you are


I give full thanks for eyes that see

a ray of sun     blinking

through a drifting cloud     ears

that hear the loud and mournful cry

of doves          waking me

to dawn   skin that feels the whisper

touch of dew upon my cheek    a tongue that tastes

the brew of grapes    a nose that gratefully

breathes in Viburnum playful

on a summer breeze

I give full thanks to every hand that ever

reached for mine     for every heart that

ever let me in     for every tear I’ve ever shed

for every wound I’ve ever bled    for those

I’ve loved who now are dead     their breath

exhaled so long ago I know     still lingering

on the wind

I give full thanks for living     loving

knowing     growing      going   faster

then I should     or loitering too long to

let life penetrate my senses    pierce my skin

touch me down to bone   I give

full thanks to that sweet place that I call

home       where every picture on the shelf

or hanging half askew upon the wall    recalls

a time    a place     a face captured in the moment

of a smile       but speaks to me of every tear and every

fear and every moment shared in simply trying to

survive        the gracious gift of traveling from birth

to death   together    unrestrainedly alive


I am I know the merest mote of dust blown

casually across the landscape of eternity

yet knowing that

I ‘m thankful to the gods of physics  

or of chemistry     the tangled mystery

that decides the circumstance of life

and with

each breath I take I venerate

“Whatever gods may be” *

for putting me

in me

– Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved)

*From the poem “Invictus” by William Ernest HJenley

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