ART in ~ to ART

to my Natalia


She moves like water sliding

through stones that line

the river bottom     glowing

in the startling miracle of sun


     her mind’s undone by inspiration

art is what she knows      she flows

through dreams     where she is part

of everything familiar     everything



     a kind

of symphony forms in her head  

of things that she has seen and drawn

of places she has been and even

far beyond

where stars are born   


     she dances

moves   undulates until she is the rhythm

is the dance    is art itself     transformed

by simply letting go    of growing into that

which is or that which she believes

may never be   except

inside the incandescence

of the fantasy

                     and she    


     art in motion   art inside her heart

art    escaping all confinement   astonishingly

free        inspires me     to write    poetry

Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved – 2022)

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