Writing poetry is an exercise in expressing that which is almost inexplicable.  It is about feelings, emotions, thoughts that consume us, and fears that leave us trembling and confused.  Writing poetry is about love and loss, failure, and success, the inexpressible and the irrepressible.  Writing poetry is a bit like opening a box and letting the contents spill out.

Today, December 9, 2022, my newsletter was about my fears, my concern, my sense of hopelessness at the mess we have made of this planet, this Earth that we call home.  I will probably never live to see the worst of the consequences but, my children will and so will their children.  So, today, the poem I let spill out of me, is a poem about remembering. I remember beauty and plenty.  I remember clear skies and air so pure it glistened in the sunlight.  I remember starlight so intense, I thought, as a child, I could simply reach up and pluck a star from the sky.  I remember – and I regret.  And, I fear for my children’s and grandchildren’s future.

I regret that I was blissfully unaware of how we were changing the world.  Now that I am aware, the emotions of it builds up inside of me like a volcano and the result, is poetry.  So, for today’s lesson I want you to make a list of things that touch you, down deep, where you live: fears or fantasies, reality or regret, passion or purpose – whatever those things are which darken your dreams or lift you to the farthest corners of the universe, they are waiting for you to uncover them, to let them out, let them be – words on the page – words that become poems.






The environment

A relationship




And example starting with the word: “Fear…”

“Fear is the night sky darkening

to black   no stars to break the icy shell

no voice to break the whispering spell   

as I begin to sink

into a hell where I am

alone      fragile as bone

frigid as stone… – SAK

Play with words, giving them opportunities to rhyme and create recurrent rhythms.  You have the words.  You have the feelings.  You have everything you need to write the poem!  And, once you’ve written it, I’d love for you to share it with me through the Chat Room at www.poetladykatz.com

Write on – Susan

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