…hugs and smiles and country

miles that stretched to sunsets

glowing golden over fields and farms


…arms that held me tight

at night when dreams evaded sleep


…days lit up like fireflies

unsullied      by the stench

of smog   and

nights   adorned

by stars so near    so clear I swear

I touched one as it wandered by

…and yes

some tears     occasionally fears

that visited me     like strangers

stopping by      reminding me that I

was blessed     reminding me

of all I had      how high the stakes

how carefully to tread making

no mistakes      and when I woke

each morning

I was simply glad     thinking quietly how grand

it was to be     a part of everything and everything

a part of me  


…love and loss     the cost-of-living    daddy’s

hands   fingers long and graceful giving

me the gift of music and a love of art

giving me the best part of his heart

before it too      grew still


…I remember that

which is too priceless

to forget     and yet memory grows dimmer

day by day    not because of time    or age

or memory loss     it dims beneath

the callous      careless hand of man

that’s stained the land    and turned

the very air we breathe stagnant and stale

it dims because I tremble

as the future

fails and falls to grit

…what will they remember


when my bones        have dried to dust

as all bones must

what will they

hopes of my heart

heart of my hopes               remember


…will the echo of my words drown

out their cries?

“I tried

             I tried

                              I tried…”

– Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved)

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