I touch the texture of darkness

and find it smooth     slipping

through my fingers     like wind

through the branches of a willow

for an instant     I am afraid

I fall      into the arms of shadows


I remember     shadows drift

in the play of light

I am lifted into the radiance of you

a beacon always leading me home

into the songs of birds

calling from the distant trees    the serenity

of sunrise    the feel of a hand    small and fragile

reaching for mine      I sense my place in this vast

world       a single seed fallen

into the soil

of an enormous forest      how can I be and not

be part of everything     life is as brief

as a single breath      death

is all eternity     between the two

we have the choice to rise above

the invidious gloom        embrace

the divinity of love

Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved)

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