Nothing lends itself better to the writing of poetry, than love.  Love found, love lost, love of a child, of a dream, of nature, of self, and every other form of love you can conceive, has found its way into a poem.  Poetry speaks emotion.  Poetry captures in words, in word combinations, that which, in any other way, is unsayable.

It is important to remember that to write a meaningful love poem, one must say it, speak love, without really saying it or speaking it.  It must be “referred” to, implied, painted in word pictures, rather than put boldly and blatantly on the page.

A great exercise, before actually writing the poem, would be to find as many images for love as you possibly can.


Subtle as a summer breeze

An avalanche

A starlit night

The beauty of a rose

The scent of woodsmoke on a winter night

The taste of wine

The feel of fingers on the skin

The sound of raindrops on the roof

My heart exploding

Choose one of the above as a starting point for your poem or simply create an image of your own and use it as the inspiration for your very own love poem.  I would be delighted if, after having written it, you choose to share it with me by sending it in through the CHAT ROOM at poetladykatz.com

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