Seeds are planted

in the light    buried deep

within a rich and welcoming

soil     nourished by rain    by sun

by the warmth of our joy

as they break through darkness

and reach     tentatively towards

the sky

children are the seeds of our hearts

breaking into our lives    as we

and they become us   a bond

of love beyond the possibility of rending

they are the gift we give ourselves

the sound of their infant cries

remembered first smiles   scraped knees

the euphoria we felt as they drifted

off to sleep on the wings of words

from their favorite story

no grand expectations of glory      just the peace

of mind    the certainty   of their growing


out     into the world

to be    to do    to know    to feel    to take

us with them on their journey through

the years

what now that tears fall on barren soil

when we hold them only

in memory      how do we bear the days

dreamless and cold    the endless aching hours

knowing the seeds of our hearts

nourished with all the love we had

to give         will never fully flower.

Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved)

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