~For Don always

It isn’t who you are

exactly or the way your lips

form an uneven line into a smile

it isn’t your voice low and deep

and sometimes distant like

an echo bouncing off of ancient hills

it isn’t mostly your touch which

even now a million years from our beginning

sings to my skin it isn’t your eyes gold/green

and deep with unspoken unacknowledged

passions it isn’t your strength fashioning

stone fences casually like the wind lifts

leaves taking them to new

destinations or your ardent honor

loyalty commitment to our lives

our children our children’s

children it isn’t the words you spoke

or speak

or the words

left unspoken it is I think as simple

as simply knowing one thing above

all else the ache that would have

claimed my life without your love.

– Susan A. Katz (All rights reserved)

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