Poet Lady Katz (new forum post): A-wake

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Awaken and bear witness,    

Taking in the dire sight;    

Of hands of doomsday clock,    

About to strike five to midnight.    


Awaken and smell the stench,    

Of the spreading wildfire;    

As it engulfs all hearts,    

Turning integrity to ire.    


Awaken and try to hear,    

The cacophonic wails;    

Permeating the stir,   

Abiding along bloody trails.    


Awaken and speak against,    

The guile laced hate spoken;    

Or one day you might find,   

Yourself amid the forsaken.    


Awaken and take a stand,    

For too high is the stake;    

Lest humanity die,     

And we awaken to it's wake.