The poem begins, not with words on paper or on your computer screen, but as a thought, a feeling, a stirring inside your head, inside your heart.  Something touches you, moves you, excites you and you feel a need to share.  This is where and when; the poem is born.

Many times, over the years in classrooms and workshops, I’ve had students tell me, “I can’t find the words.”  My response to that is, “Don’t worry about the words, explore the feelings.”  Suddenly, the feelings find their way onto the page – amazingly enough, in the form of words – and words, inexplicably become – the poem!

This week at www.poetladykatz.com we are celebrating Spring.  Spring, in all its wondrous excitement, adventure, innocence, and splendor.  From trees blossoming into color and fragrance to frogs bellowing their love songs from the pond at the bottom of the hill, from robins building nests atop our outdoor bar-b-que to the softest of raindrops nourishing the warming soil.  Spring is a riot of colors, scents, sounds, feelings, and even tastes – have you ever nibbled on a fresh blade of grass, pulled from the ground after a rainstorm?

So, for today’s lesson I would like you to experience Spring through your five senses: what does it LOOK like, TASTE like, FEEL like, SMELL like and SOUND like.  Go outside and experience Spring through your five senses and then, through your emotional reaction to it – and then write – write – write – your poem will blossom like spring flowers, on the page!

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